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Sharp Airlines First Officer Cadetship

Why choose Sharp Airlines’ Cadet Pilot Program? (Australian residents only)

  • Sharp Airlines offers the most complete hands-on course in Australia, the lowest instructor-trainee ratios in Australia (1:5), and the only airline company to guarantee you a 9-month cadetship at the successful end of your course in Australia.
  • No other pilot training offers students up to 500 hours aeronautical experience.
  • Sharp Airlines is the fastest growing regional Airline in Australia, with the longest-running Airline Pilot Cadet course in Australia (23 years).
  • You get what you pay for. Our prices reflect what our knowledge and experience you require to become a professional pilot. Learn with Sharp Airlines and you will have the technical know-how, confidence, experience — the ability — to fly with anyone, anywhere.

Sharp Airlines’ First Officer Cadetship Program provides an outstanding career opportunity designed to equip trainees with the ability to move confidently and successfully into the world of commercial aviation. Sharp Airlines’ cadets graduate with the skills, qualifications and experience necessary for finding employment within the aviation industry. Sharp Airlines’ cadets also have the advantage of experiencing all the hands-on activities of a busy, commercial airline company while achieving their qualification. 

To learn more about Sharp Airlines click here and to read our Safety & Quality Philosophy & Policy click here

January 2015 Course - CLOSED

Our Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) Cadetship course is unique

Sharp Airlines is committed to ensuring that our trainees are the best. The Course is 24 months long which includes a Diploma of Aviation ( Instrument Flight Operations) and flight training; you will be equipped with skills ranging from Dangerous Goods to public relations.

The Sharp Airlines First Officer Cadetship is the final 9 months of the 24 month program of advanced pilot training which is fully remunerated. During your training and cadetship candidates will obtain a minimum of 500 hours total aeronautical experience.

The course is designed to take the student with no experience through to a Commercial Pilots Licence and also to equip them with an Instrument Rating.

Sharp Airlines offers an Diploma in Aviation (Airline Transport Pilot) Cadetship. Acceptance into the cadetship is achieved through first completing AVI40108 Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence).

Further information



AVI40108 Cert 1V in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence)

AVI50408 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations)


Selection Process and Criteria

Applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residency to qualify to train with Sharp Airlines. Applicants are invited to inspect our facilities at Hamilton and Portland, an appointment can be made by contacting Helen Sobey at

The course does not attract any Government financial assistance, such as VET Fee Help / HECS).

We accept applications all year round. We also provide discount travel on our Airline Service from Essendon to Hamilton and return. On the same day we normally ask you to undertake a formal interview to assess you for a position in our course. We do occasionally attend Career Expos at various times of the year in Vicotria. Please contact our office for further details. What to bring:

What to bring:

  • Resumé.
  • School results.
  • Logbook if flying training has already commenced.

Potential applicants will be asked to:

  • Complete an application
  • Undertake an interview
  • Complete an application for an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  • Undergo a medical examination with your nearest approved Designated Aviation Medical Examiner



  • Pass in Year 12
  • Passes in english, maths and physics (equivilent to math methods in Victoria)
  • Good social skills
  • Outgoing personality
  • Demonstrated ability in sports

Following the assessment, if your application meets our requirements we will write to you and offer you a position in our course.

Course Structure

AVI40108 Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence)

Duration - Full Time

  • 42 weeks 
  • 1040 hours


  • Student Pilot Licence
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Constant Speed Endorsement
  • Multi Engine Endorsement


  • Maintain aircraft radio communications
  • Manage human factors in aircraft flight
  • Navigate aircraft
  • Manage aircraft passengers and cargo
  • Manage pre and post flight actions
  • Control aeroplane on the ground
  • Take-off aeroplane
  • Control aeroplane in normal flight
  • Land aeroplane
  • Execute advanced aircraft manoeuvres and procedures
  • Manage abnormal aeroplane flight situations
  • Manage aircraft fuel
  • Control aeroplane solely by reference to full instrument panel
  • Control aeroplane solely by reference to limited instrument panel
  • Manage situation awareness in aircraft flight

AVI50408 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operation)

Duration - Full Time

  • 20 weeks
  • 500 hours face-to-face delivery 


  • Command Multi Engine Instrument Rating


  • Operate and manage aircraft systems
  • Conduct full instrument panel manoeuvres
  • Conduct limited instrument panel manoeuvres
  • Plan a navigation flight under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)
  • Navigate aircraft - IFR
  • Perform an instrument arrival
  • Perform instrument departure - non published procedure
  • Perform visual circling approach
  • Perform NDB instrument approach
  • Perform VHF-Omni directional radio range (VOR) instrument approach
  • Operate multi-engine fixed wing aeroplane
  • Perform standard arrival route (STAR)
  • Perform instrument departure - published procedure (SIDSRD)
  • Perform instrument landing system (ILS) instrument approach
  • Perform distance measuring equipment (DME)/global positioning system (GPS)
  • Perform global positioning system (GPS)/non precision approach (NPA)


Metroliner Turboprop Endorsement

Duration - Full Time

  • 5 weeks
  • 200 hours


  • Turboprop Endorsement


  • Multicrew Coordination
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Engineering Groundschool
  • CAO 20.11 Training


Terms and Conditions

Students typically share accomodation for approx $90 per week. Students can rent a flat or house in Hamilton starting at around $180 per week for a flat or $270 per week for a 3 bedroom house. We can provide rental lists and assistance if required.

Books and Equipment
Text books and navigation equipment are only supplied for those students undertaking the Full-time Commercial course. However students will be required to provide their own stationery.

All students will be required to sign a commercial pilot cadetship agreement.

While training for a Commercial Pilots licence at Sharp Airlines students are required to wear a uniform. Uniforms are provided at the student’s expense. Orders can be placed through our head office.

All students are covered for third party and damage to equipment whilst undergoing training in Sharp Airlines aircraft. Personal cover can be arranged through your own insurance agency if necessary.

Standards and Fees
You will find that the prices and training schedules stated are estimates only based on Civil Aviation Safety Authority guide-lines. We always endeavour to meet these prices and schedules. However, any additional flying required in excess of the stipulated hours to meet the required standard is at the student’s expense. During the cadetship all students will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of academic skill and airmanship. If at any time during the course it is the opinion of the Chief Flying Instructor that a particular student is not meeting the requirements of the course then their position will be reviewed. If a student’s cadetship is terminated all course fees will be refunded based on the number of hours completed.

Hamilton is serviced by bus from all capital cities; flights from Melbourne are available at substantial discount. Ideally a car is needed to commute between the aerodrome and the student quarters. For those students without a car, transport to and from the aerodrome can be arranged.


Course Fees for 2015*

Flight Hours Cost
8 hours Simulator Training $1,640.00
70 hours Solo Single Engine $22,750.00
44 hours Dual Single Engine (Includes CPL Flight test) $16,720.00
35 hours Dual Twin Engine Training $24,325.00
18 hours Simulator (Instrument Rating) $3,690.00
30 hours Twin Engine (Instrument Rating-includes IFR Flight Test) $20,850.00
Test and Landing Fees $3,910.00
Licence and Endorsement Fees $955.00
Examinations (1 sitting only) $1,650.00
Text Books, Equipment and Sundry $2,307.00
CASA/Jeppesen Documents (1 year) $1,593.00
Theory Courses $12,260.00
205 hours $112,650.00
(Inc. GST)
GST Component $947.00
Total Course Fee $112,650.00
(Inc. GST)
12 hours Metro III/23 Turboprop Endorsement $16,800.00
Total Cost $129,450.00
(Inc GST)

Payment/Term Dates

A deposit is paid in two stages. After successfully passing the first interview an initial deposit of $2,500 is due within 14 days of the initial application being accepted. This initial deposit is fully refundable within 14 days if the applicant subsequently does not pass the final interview stage or fails the Class One Medical Examination.

If the applicant successfully passes the final interview a non-refundable final deposit of $14,300 is due within 14 days of the final application being accepted. Both the initial and final deposits will be allocated against the cost of the Metro III/23 Turboprop Endorsement following completion of the course and are not refundable once the course commences.

Further payments are due as per the payment schedule below. Payments not received by the due date will incur a late payment fee of 2.5% penalty interest per month or part thereof whilst the fees or any part of the fees remain outstanding.

Course Dates - 12 January, 2015 - 15 April, 2016

Cadetship - 18 April, 2016 - 13 January, 2016

Note: Leave on Public holidays is at the sole discretion of the Company.

Initial Deposit $2,500 Due 14 days from Initial Application
Final Deposit $14,300 Due 14 days from Final Application
Payment 1 $12,517 Due 2 March 2015
Payment 2 $12,517 Due by 20 April 2015
Payment 3 $12,517 Due by 8 June 2015
Payment 4 $12,517 Due by 27 July 2015
Payment 5 $12,517 14 September 2015
Payment 6 $12,517 2 November 2015
Payment 7 $12,517 21 December 2015
Payment 8 $12,517 Due by 8 February 2016
Payment 9 $12,517 Due by 15 April 2016

Note: Public holidays DO NOT apply

Prices are subject to change without notice.


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