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Our Sharp Airlines story is one guided by new opportunities, development and commitment to our people.

Since commencing business in 1990, we have grown from a two-staff team, with one single-engine aircraft, to now proudly employing over 100 dedicated full-time staff members, with a fleet of 16 Turbine Propeller Metro-liner Aircraft.

Sharp Airlines is a locally-owned regional business with a national profile. Our headquarters are inHamilton, Victoria, yet flights lead you across the country.

The first 10 years of business for Sharp Airlines consisted of Airline Cadet Training School and Charter business. In 2001, Sharp Airlines achieved a significant milestone by entering the realm of regular public transport (RPT) services.

We upgraded from our reliable Piper Chieftain piston engine 10-seater aircraft to the sleek and efficient 19-seater Metroliner aircraft.

This transition began a journey that has continually expanded our services to now operates across five states. In 2010 we commenced operating airline services to FlindersIsland from Launceston and Essendon, and in 2012 we further extended our operation to King Island.

We play an integral role in the way of life on these communities, carrying thousands of passengers per year to and from the islands, along with freight, fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Many thousands of tourists have availed themselves of our Sharp Airlines Holiday Packages and have experienced for themselves the wonders of these untouched, unspoilt and unbelievable islands.

Contracted by Toll Holdings, with a routes panning from Tasmania to Cairns, we proudly offer a fixed service for time-critical freight and uplift over 4 million kilograms annually.

We also specialise and are a leader in the provision of charter services for the mining sector, with an extensive range of Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) services, covering crew and roster rotations, emergency support, and personnel transfer to remote destinations across Western and South Australia.

Distinguished by a genuine reputation for‘Safety Every Flight Every Day’ and excellent product delivery, Sharp Airlines stands as the preferred carrier for various industries, including mining, shipping, energy, emergency services, and remote construction.

Sharp Airlines, continues to embrace new opportunities, innovate, and adapt to an ever-evolving industry.

As a business, we aim to foster growth, and prioritise the well-being of our people and our local regions. Our journey is a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence in the industry, and involvement in our community. 

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