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Forwarding of freight to or from our bases is the responsibility of the customer. We ask that all assigned freight be delivered at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Size, Dimensions & Weight 

Due to the limited amount of baggage space on our aircraft, all freight carried must not exceed the following dimensions and weight:

  • Maximum weight of any one item must not exceed 32 kg
  • Square or rectangular objects = 750mm (length) x 450mm (width) x 500mm (height)
  • Elongated objects = 2300mm (length) x 450mm (width) x 230mm (height)

Charges - From 1st June 2024

Freight and Excess Baggage Rates


Excess Baggage

All Routes $6.80 per kilo



Launceston – Flinders Island

$6.00 per kilo (Minimum charge 5kg)

Essendon – King Island

$6.80 per kilo (Minimum charge 5kg)

Essendon – Flinders Island

$6.80 per kilo (Minimum charge 5kg)

Launceston – King Island

$6.80 per kilo (Minimum charge 5kg)

Wynyard – King Island

$6.80 per kilo (Minimum charge 5kg)


Rates are based on Weight of animal + weight of crate to a total maximum 40kg

Essendon – Flinders Island

Small (1-10kg) $74.18 each way

Essendon – King Island

Large (11-30kg) $129.82 each way

Launceston – King Island   

Extra Large (30kg+) $259.65 each way

Wynyard – King Island       



Launceston – Flinders Island

Small (1-10kg) $55.64 each way


Large (11-30kg) $80.37 each way


Extra Large (30kg+) $154.55 each way


Can only be booked through a pet transportation company:

Essendon – Launceston  

Small (1-10kg) $148.37 each way


Large (11-30kg) $247.28 each way


Extra Large (30kg+) $494.56 each way


Crate Hire 

$55.64 each way (Available from Flinders Island, Launceston and Essendon)


Special Items

Bikes $80.37 Each way (up to 23Kg including packaging)


Consignment Note

All freight must be accompanied by a consignment note describing the following:

  • Freight Dimensions
  • Total Gross weight including packaging
  • Description of Contents
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration

Dangerous Goods

Sharp is permitted to carry certain Dangerous Goods as per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. For further information refer to the following link for a description of Dangerous Goods


Size, Dimensions & Weight

  • Dangerous Goods Packages must not exceed 450mm length x 450mm width x 450mm height.

Dangerous Goods

We request that all Dangerous Goods freight be delivered where possible at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to guarantee uplift.

Items lodged inside the 48-hour time limit may incur a $60 handling and processing fee.


Some DGs may be required at short notice to the Bass strait Islands e.g. medicines 6.2 blood tests pathogens etc. Class 9 first aid kits and dry ice.


Prior to the parcel being dropped off at the airport;

  • Dangerous goods must be in the correct packaging, marked and labelled correctly in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • They must have hazard labels and handling labels where needed, Some dangerous goods require UN specification packaging and must conform to packing instructions.
  • Dangerous Goods must be declared and  will require a Shippers Declaration and the person accepting the goods will check the goods by completing an acceptance checklist.



In Tasmania Sharp operates a pickup and delivery service within a couple of hours of the airport and can arrange a similar service from other areas of the state for a nominal fee.

This service is offered in Tasmania only, for more information call Jet Couriers Launceston on 03 6343 5033 or www.jetcouriers.com.au

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